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Join Vancouver Island Working Equitation: A Chapter of Working Equitation Canada

Welcome to Vancouver Island Working Equitation, proudly affiliated with Working Equitation Canada. We invite you to be part of an exciting journey to cultivate and celebrate this dynamic sport on Vancouver Island. Joining is simple: just click on our membership page or visit the Working Equitation Canada website ( When applying, remember to select Vancouver Island Working Equitation as your home chapter.

Your involvement is crucial to our success! We're looking for enthusiastic members who are ready to participate and contribute to the growth of this sport in our community. There are numerous volunteer opportunities available, many of which are completed before the events, allowing you to also enjoy participating. Plus, if you know someone — a friend, family member, or acquaintance — who might be interested in volunteering during our events, we'd love to welcome them aboard.

Together, we can build a vibrant, supportive community around Working Equitation on Vancouver Island, fostering a space where passion for this sport thrives.

Meet The Team


Meryle Hillberry -


Stella French -

Discovering Working Equitation (WE) was a defining moment in my equestrian journey; everything I had learned and practiced in my life with horses fell into place. WE encapsulates all the skills and principles I cherish in horsemanship. Its focus on partnership, precision, and versatility resonates deeply with my philosophy of working with horses.

The sport has a unique way of attracting wonderful people, and it was in this community that I truly found my discipline.

My horses and I are nestled in Metchosin, at the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Here, we engage in regular training, and relish participating in clinics and shows. These events are more than competitions; they are gatherings where we meet like-minded enthusiasts, forming new friendships and sharing our mutual passion.

Serving as the president of the Vancouver Island Working Equitation (VIWE) chapter is a privilege that fills me with pride. In this role, I am dedicated to spreading the joy and values of WE.


My goal is to welcome more people into this fulfilling sport and to nurture a community where we all can learn, grow, and flourish alongside our equine partners.


Christi Kay -
Vice President


Sabine David -

As an avid equestrian and passionate advocate for Working Equitation, I've discovered an extraordinary journey of partnership and harmony with my beloved horse, Golosa.

Each gate we open and bridge we cross strengthens our connection, highlighting the unique dialogue we've developed. 

What truly sets Working Equitation apart is its celebration of the deep, empathetic relationship between horse and rider. 

Our journey in Working Equitation has also been a testament to the sport's inclusivity and its rising popularity. It's a discipline that honors the unity between horse and rider.

In essence, Working Equitation has been a gateway to a more profound and fulfilling partnership with my horse, 

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